Fact Check: FL Bill Does NOT Prevent Girls From Talking About Periods — Bald Faced Lie

Leftists are targeting Florida once again, this time by lying about a new law they say will make it illegal for teachers and students to discuss menstruation in school. But a closer look at the legislation shows this to be flatly untrue.
The bill in question, HB1069, aims to set specific definitions for sex, gender, and sexuality for early learning in the state’s schools.
But during a Florida House Education Quality Subcommittee hearing Wednesday, Democrat Rep. Ashley Gant found one section of the bill to be vague and asked the bill’s sponsor, Republican state Rep. Stan McClain, if it would prevent younger children in K through 5th from talking about girls having periods.

At issue is lines 67 through 71, reading, “Throughout instruction in acquired immune deficiency syndrome, sexually transmitted diseases, or health education, when such instruction and cour …

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