Ethics Complaint Filed Against Senator Kyrsten Sinema Over ‘Troubling’ Issue

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema on Monday became the subject of a complaint from a conservative organization over a failure to make financial disclosures required by federal law.
Tom Jones, president of the American Accountability Foundation, told Fox News on Tuesday that reporting her finances was more than just a legal requirement, however.
“Sen. Sinema has a moral and legal obligation to fully disclose the details of her finances,” Jones said, according to Fox. “The fact that she hasn’t done so is highly suspicious and troubling.”

The complaint revolves around Sinema’s relationship with Dr. Lindsay Buckman, who lives with Sinema, according to the group, and whom Sinema asked the House Ethics Committee in 2013 to treat as her “spouse in all but title” so that he could travel with her at …

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