EPA Nixes WY Coal Plant Plan

Disapproval comes after months of allegedly illegal inaction; could cost hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars in revenue
After more than a year of inaction, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced on Jan. 12 that it proposes to disapprove the State of Wyoming’s changes to its regional haze plan for PacifiCorp’s Jim Bridger coal power plant, potentially closing down Unit 2 of the facility for a year or more.
Yet in an exclusive interview with The Epoch Times, a Trump EPA official verified that he greenlit those changes in November 2020.
Greg Sopkin, former Region 8 administrator of the EPA, said that “to the best of [his] recollection,” he approved Wyoming’s revised submission “on or around Nov. 20, 2020.” Sopkin noted that he had stopped working for the EPA in November 2020.
In a statement, the EPA told The Epoch Times that the action didn’t take effect because it hadn’t yet appeared i …

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