Enabling Absurd Assertions About Pelosi Propaganda

People in the “news business” are very upset that interest in their work is fading, and business isn’t booming. But in sharply divided times, the “news” too often sounds like it goes from one extreme to another. It comes across as either viciously negative or mawkishly positive. It feels less like information and more like propaganda.

On Dec. 12, “CBS Mornings” gushed over filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi, who’s made a series of political documentaries for HBO. But the latest is “Pelosi in the House,” a valentine to her mother and her career. This isn’t a first for HBO. Ten years ago, Rory Kennedy made a film about her mother Ethel, the widow of Robert F. Kennedy. At least, Ethel Kennedy didn’t have her own political legacy to promote. But these are more like home movies. What makes them interesting is daughters making films about their mothers.CBS, like other supine publicists, touted Alexandra’s “extraordinary ac …

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