East Palestine Residents Give Grim Update After Toxic Train Wreck

Residents in East Palestine, Ohio have given a grim update on their declining health following the toxic train derailment earlier this month.

Locals in the small town, where a Norfolk Southern train derailed on February 3 causing a subsequent toxic explosion, say they are now suffering disturbing symptoms, the New York Post reports.

“Doctors say I definitely have the chemicals in me but there’s no one in town who can run the toxicological tests to find out which ones they are,” said 40-year-old Wade Lovett.

Lovett now has a high-pitched voice that sounds as if he’s been inhaling helium.

‘My voice sounds like Mickey Mouse,” he said.

“My normal voice is low,” Lovett explains.

“It’s hard to breathe, especially at night.

“My chest hurts so much at night I feel like I’m drowning.

“I cough up phlegm a lot.

“I lost my job because the doctor won’t release me to go to work.”

Leading the charge to fight for the community is 46-year-old Jami Cozza, a lifelong East Palestinian who counts 47 close relatives here, according to the Post.

Many of them are facing health issues from the chemical fire as well as the psychic toll of their town becoming, in the words of a scientist visiting the area Thursday, the new “Love Canal” — a reference to the Niagara Falls, NY, neighborhood that became a hotbed issue in 1978 because people were getting sick from living above a contaminated waste dump.

Many residents are also complaining of mystery rashes and sore throats after returning home following the lifting of evacuation orders on February 8…CONTINUE READING»>

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