Drug Decriminalization Experiment Is a Total Loss: State Lawmakers Scrambling to Undo Progressive Measure

After a 190-percent increase in drug overdoses since 2021, when laws against hard drugs were softened, Oregon is finally doing an about-face on the idea of decriminalizing illegal drugs.
The Democrat-led left-coast state decriminalized drugs several years ago, imagining that it was striking a blow for “equity” and fairness in its legal code. But now it appears that the experiment is over, as a new bill has been passed to pull back on the state’s overly lenient treatment of hard drugs, the Associated Press reported.
On Friday, the Oregon legislature passed HB4002, a bill recriminalizing the possession of small amounts of hard drugs which, if signed into law, will put an end to the leniency that was the first of its kind in the U.S.A.

The Oregon House of Representatives passed the bill to address the rampant drug problem on Thursday in a l …

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