Doocy Refuses to Let KJP Get Away with Blaming Republicans for Congressman’s Carjacking

It was an exchange that rivaled some of most theater-of-the-absurd moments of Karine Jean-Pierre’s career.
The Baghdad Bob of the Biden administration on Tuesday tried to turn a question about the carjacking of Rep. Henry Cuellar on Monday into an attack on Republicans in Congress.
But Fox News’ Peter Doocy didn’t let it go by.

The moment came during the daily White House news briefing, when a press secretary already known for flaming partisanship decided that when a Democratic congressman is carjacked in a Democratic city, where Democrats control all levers of government and all public services, that the group that’s really to blame is … Republicans.
And they’re to blame for failing to support a bill that the Democratic president signed into law more than two years ago, after it was passed by a Democratic Congress.

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