Doctors Weigh in On What Could Be Causing Whoopi Goldberg’s Gassy Interruptions on ‘The View’

Whoopi Goldberg’s recent bout of on-air flatulence is likely linked to her diet and sciatica, according to some doctors.
Goldberg derailed part of Wednesday’s episode of “The View” with an episode of gas, to which she admitted by telling everyone, as if it was not clear from the actions of the hosts around the table, “That was gas,” according to the Daily Mail.
The incident did not keep Goldberg from getting in a quick bite during a commercial break later in the show, according to the Sun.

Eating during the show is not uncommon for Goldberg, Last month, as noted by the Sun, she came onstage chewing.
“And if anybody is concerned about me right now, don’t worry about it because I have a Tootsie in my mouth,” she said then.


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