Disney Makes Significant Layoffs at Pixar After Admitting to Mistake

Disney’s flagship animation studio was just hit with another round of layoffs.
According to Variety, around 175 employees were let go from Disney’s Pixar Animation Studios on Tuesday, amounting to 14 percent of Pixar’s workforce.
The layoffs had been expected for the last few months. Variety reported in January that Pixar was set to lay off up to 20 percent of its staff sometime in 2024.

The latest round of layoffs is in addition to the 75 Pixar employees that were let go in 2023, according to Reuters. Disney cut 3.6 percent of its total workforce last year as part of a cost-saving initiative.
The cuts are, in part, due to strategic mishaps on the part of Pixar. In an interview with Variety last year, Pixar President Jim Morris noted that releasing movies directly to Disney+ during COVID was a misstep that Pixar is still trying to recover from.

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