Disgusting Article Reveals Who CNN Thinks the Real Victims in Murder of Laken Riley Are

To CNN and its writers, victims aren’t real victims unless they’re minorities.
An appalling article from the left-leaning news organization was published on Saturday where the author discussed how Hispanic students at the University of Georgia, the school where Laken Riley recently met her brutal death, haven’t “felt safe.”
The article goes into detail about how students aren’t feeling unsafe because an undocumented illegal is suspected of recently killing a student, but instead because racism is the greater evil.

“But then, as the news spread that the suspect in Riley’s killing was an undocumented Venezuelan migrant, Doblado said she became frightened for an entirely different reason,” the article reads.
The article states that there had supposedly been “a number of online threats against migrants and Latino students” at the school, but it even states that CNN has not “independently verified these posts.”

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