Dick Morris: The Rise of Globo-Skepticism

In the fast-moving American political scene, a new movement is bursting onto center stage: globo-skepticism.
It’s not isolationism, but it’s not globalism either. It is born of a healthy caution about total involvement in foreign wars. Spawned in the ranks of MAGA, it resists the endless commitment of American lives we saw in Vietnam and Iraq or of our money that is evident in Ukraine.
Very recent polling by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs shows a growing reluctance to make heavy commitments in foreign policy.

Ivo Daalder, the former U.S. ambassador to NATO under Barack Obama, says the council’s annual polls are discovering two important trends.
“One change,” he says, “is that Republicans have increasingly — since about 2016 — become more skeptical about the United States playing an active role in world affairs and more fa …

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