Devin Nunes Says Durham “Being Blocked” by Someone at DOJ

If it were up to Devin Nunes, special counsel John Durham unveils a wave of new charges right now, escalating his endeavor to root out misconduct in the FBI’s Russia inquiry.
But Durham isn’t doing that — in fact, his years-long investigation appears to be winding down with what could be the final prosecution of the affair — leading Nunes, who during his closing act in Congress sent more than a dozen criminal referrals to the Justice Department focused on the Russia matter and the 2016 election, to openly speculate Durham is somehow “being blocked” from expanding his aim.
“I think what is happening here, Durham is being blocked,” Nunes said Friday on Fox News. “And I don’t say this lightly. He’s being blocked by somebody within the Department of Justice where he cannot bring the charges that should be broug …

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