Despite Davos Denials, It Is Not A Conspiracy – Bugs Are, in Fact, on the Menu

This past weekend, the World Economic Forum wrapped up, and the main issue in the press was not some of the daft things proposed by the global elites. No, what had the press bothered is that those of us on the right noticed the inanities. 

As noted prior, things began to go sideways early in Davos, Switzerland, when a panel allegedly addressing disinformation was headed up by the famed practitioner of that craft, Brian Stelter. But more speeches and more proposals were trotted out, and the press appears to be rather bothered by the fact that these details were reported on by conservative media. “In increasingly mainstream corners of the internet and on conservative talk shows,” writes Sophia Tulp of the Associated Press, “ ‘The Great Reset’ has become shorthand for what skeptics say is a reorganization of society, using global uncertainty as a guise to take away rights. Believers argue that measures including pandemic lockdowns and vaccine mandates are tools to consolidate power and undercut individual sovereignty.” She appears bothered by the use of this phrase, except it was not created out of whole cloth. “The Great Reset” was coined by the WEF in 2020.Tulp resorts to an “expert” who guides us through the pitfalls of quoting the things spoken at the WEF. “This isn’t a conspiracy that is playing out on the extreme fringes,” said Alex Friedfeld, a researcher with the Anti-Defamatio …

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