Desperate CNN’s Latest Stunt with NBA Legend Charles Barkley is Major Flop

So just how toxic is CNN as a media (it would be a stretch to call them “news”) company in 2023?
Apparently, they are so toxic that not even one of the most beloved living NBA legends this side of Michael Jeffrey Jordan can help with the network’s flagging ratings.
Barkley, the former star Philadelphia 76er, Phoenix Sun and Houston Rocket, has built quite a brand for himself in his post-playing days for being an outspoken voice unafraid of angering both the left and right.

CNN was clearly banking on that brand paying dividends in terms of viewership for some time, given Barkley opened up that he was being courted by the network way back in February.
That courtship clearly went according to plan for CNN, as Barkley and co-host Gayle King debuted the first episode of “King Charles” on Wednesday (the show was announced in April).

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