DeSantis to Investigate ‘Sanctuary Cities’ that Abet Human Trafficking

DeSantis requested that a grand jury be set up to examine trafficking networks in the state.
He filed a petition with the Supreme Court last week, announcing the petition at a news conference in Pensacola, Florida. He also signed a bill that would require county jails to assist the feds with immigration enforcement “and prohibit state and local governments from doing business with contractors who bring into Florida people who are in the U.S. illegally,” AP reports.
“We aren’t a border state. People are wondering, ‘Why are you doing this?,’” DeSantis said. “People will say, ‘Let Texas or Arizona worry about that.’ Let me tell you, people trying to come in illegally are trying to get to Florida.”
The newly-approved jury will investigate parents who use professional smugglers to bring their unaccompanied children to live with them within Florida.
Florida banned sanctuary cities in 2019, but a federal judge blocked them from enforcing it. The governor has also made clear calls to illegal immigrants to not come to the state, saying that Florida is “not a sanctuary state.”
“To those who have entered the country illegally, fair warning: do not come to Florida.”
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