DeSantis Fires Warning Shot at Woke Doctors: You Will Lose Your License

He might be well on his way to being the second-most-hated man among the establishment media, but Ron DeSantis doesn’t back down.
The Florida governor has made that clear over and over again while handling being baited, smeared and outright lied about on liberal media outlets.
And during a news conference on Tuesday, the Republican delivered a message that even the most liberal elites will have trouble ignoring.

The attacks on DeSantis have come on multiple fronts — his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, his outspoken opposition to critical race theory in public schools, his advocacy for parents’ rights in the education of their children.
(That last one has been falsely branded as an attack on homosexuals and the rest of the LGBTQ2S-plus-and-so-forth-divide-by-two universe of the sexually aggrieved.)


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It was on the last topic and how it relates to the practice of medicine — under the euphemism “gender-based care” — that he was questioned Tuesday during a news conference at the State College of Florida Manatee-Sarasota in Bradenton.
And DeSantis didn’t hold back.

Check it out here:

Governor DeSantis will NO …

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