‘Deny Reality, You Racists!

I’ve been witness to every election cycle since Nixon. I’ve never witnessed a more bizarre and obviously doomed strategy to be used as a closer in the national dialogue than we are seeing Democrats use at present.

It goes like this. No matter the topic, tell the people that what they see is dishonest, shame them for seeing it, then tell them what you’d like them to see instead.Honestly the campaign has become void of any discussion of any real issue, problem, or solutions. If it doesn’t work, shame them more. Shame them in stronger terms. Condemn them as someone who is untrustworthy. Put such a smear on their personhood that they desire to recoil and change their mind.It started with the Biden speech in front of Independence Hall. The *President took considerable liberties while branding half the population as “extremists.” And for a considerable number of minutes after that he added “pieces of evidence” that supported his premise. The Philadelphia District Attorney just this week attempted to state publicly that if voters d …

U.S. National Debt

The current U.S. national debt: