Democrats, Not Democracy, Are Threatened

On Wednesday night, the Democrats’ leader tried again to rally the faithful. He did not do as he did the day before, i.e., claiming he went to a historically black college (he did not) or that his son died in Iraq (he did not) or that he met the inventor of insulin (he did not) or that war in Iraq provoked the current crisis (it is Ukraine). Instead, he claimed democracy itself is under attack. It is not.

We know democracy is not under attack because President Joe Biden and the Democrats used $45 million to fund the candidates who they claim are attacking democracy. We know democracy is not under attack because the Democrats have made no effort to calm the currents of contretemps rushing through the nation.Were democracy actually under attack, Democrats would have sought consensus instead of contentiousness. They would not have rushed to force schools to accept boys into girls l …

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