Democrats in for a Backlash This November

Posted: Aug 18, 2022 9:51 AM

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Every action has a reaction. This election cycle, Democrats are learning the hard way that the same is true in politics. For nearly two years, Joe Biden and Democrats have run the country into the ground with a set of left-wing priorities and radical policies. Now, voters from coast to coast are rejecting Democrats’ agenda and voting Republican up and down the ballot. A backlash is coming, and there’s no better indicator than the battle for the United States Senate. In states with retiring Republican senators, GOP voters have nominated strong conservatives who will ensure these seats remain red. In Ohio, JD Vance brings a fresh perspective as a businessman and outsider—a sharp contrast to career politician Tim Ryan—as he seeks to succeed Republican Senator Rob Portman. In the Keystone State, Pennsylvanians have nominated Dr. Mehmet Oz, whose background as a world-class surgeon and the son of immigrants makes him a dynamic candidate in the race for retiring Republican Sen. Pat Toomey’s seat. And proven leaders like Senators Ron Johnson in Wisconsin, Chuck Grassley in Iowa, and Marco Rubio in Florida are running strong campaigns, focused on the issues that matter most to their states.Republicans are also on offense, …

U.S. National Debt

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