Dem Sen.: Gun Bill Will Allow Them to Ban More

My God. He’s admitting that the bill creates a slippery slope.Actually, what I think he’s trying to do in this clip is sell a weak bill to Democratic voters. Admitting that he wants to “do more” to regulate guns in the future is a baaaad soundbite at a moment when Senate Republicans are being screamed at by gun-rights advocates, but Murphy has to worry about his own base too. His nightmare scenario isn’t that John Cornyn and the GOP get cold feet and walk away, as his consolation prize in that case would be getting to blame Republicans for being callous about school shootings.

His nightmare scenario is that the left figures out that the bill doesn’t do much and *they* end up tanking it. That would let the GOP have its cake and eat it too, touting their willingness to compromise to make schools safer and then blaming Democrats for choking on the eve of a deal.
My read on this, then, is that Murphy senses that progressives are underwhelmed and is reassuring them by insisting th …

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