Rep. Slammed for Repeating Lie That J6 Cop Was Killed

A House Democrat insisted Wednesday that a cop was beaten to death with a fire extinguisher by January 6 rioters even though the claim has long been debunked.Rep. Mondaire Jones, (D‑NY), insisted at a House Judiciary Committee meeting that Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick was bludgeoned by Trump supporters, a claim first reported — and then later corrected – by The New York Times. Jones’ initial comment was not caught on video, but Rep. Dan Bishop, R‑N.C., heard it and reacted.“Did you say a police officer was bludgeoned to death by the crowd at the Jan. 6 riots?” Bishop asked Jones.WATCH: Rep. Mondaire Jones (D‑NY) says that Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknic …

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