Dan Snyder upset after funding movie that negatively portrays Donald Trump: Report

Dan Snyder no longer owns the Washington Commanders, but that won’t stop the billionaire from making waves. The former NFL owner invested in the movie “The Apprentice,” and is now upset with how the film portrays Donald Trump, according to Variety.
“The Apprentice,” which stars Sebastian Stan as a young Mr. Trump, was set to premiere Monday night at the Cannes Film Festival.

Few plot details have been released to the public, though Variety notes that the independent production paints an unfavorable picture of Mr. Trump. Mr. Snyder reportedly tried to halt the film’s release through cease-and-desists.

“Sources say Snyder … put money into the film via Kinematics because he was under the impression that it was a flattering portrayal of the 45th president,” …

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