Costco Customers Enraged After Chain Offers New Deal Americans Can’t Have, Rivaling $1.50 Hot Dog

An American food staple has been added to the menu at Costco’s food court — though not in the United States.
An image of a Canadian Costco food court menu shared on Reddit on May 21 has customers upset that a particular food item isn’t being sold in the States.
That item — listed as “Chicken Strips and Fries” — costs Canadian Costco-goers $6.99 CAD (which would convert to about $5.10 in the States).

Updated Canadian Food Court menubyu/thermal7 inCostco

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“Why the hell doesn’t Costco USA have french fries or chicken strips?!?! I would kill for that!!” one Reddit user wrote.
“Wait … you guys in the US don’t even have fries ???” another commented.

“Instead of the chicken strips and fries, we have the turkey sandwich and f‑ing chicken bake?” another wrote.
The inclusion of the chicken strip basket isn’t the only feature unique to the Canadian Costco menu.

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