Cops Believe Biden Is Against Them

Democratic policies are responsible for the national surge in crime and deadly ambushes of officers, a top police union official said, warning that frequent release of violent offenders and new restrictions on law enforcement are certain to make matters worse.

“I would say that most police officers don’t believe that Joe Biden is on their side,” Fraternal Order of Police National Vice President Joe Gamaldi told the “Just the News, Not Noise” TV show on Wednesday.

He criticized Democratic policies from the national stage down to the local level for harming and hampering officers.

Gamaldi, a Houston police sergeant, especially blasted Chicago’s new rule, instituted by Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot, that prohibits officers from chasing down suspects involved in misdemeanors. 

“Just when I think that they can’t coddle criminals any more than they do, they come out with a policy like this. Just when I think they can’t neuter our ability to enforce the law, they come out with something like this,” Gamaldi said, adding that it sends a clear message to criminals “that all you have to do is run from the police and we’re not going to chase you.”

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