Content of FD-1023 Leaks, ‘Highly Credible’ Source Rolled Over on Bidens After Conversation with Burisma Executive: Report

A damning new report has directly alleged that the incumbent president of the United States took a bribe — and a hefty one at that — through a scheme that his son was also in on.
This sordid report comes from Fox News, and details the information collected on an FD-1023 form. Per Fox, an FD-1023 is “used by FBI agents to record unverified reporting from confidential human sources.”
FD-1023 forms are meant to document this information, but said information is not necessarily considered evidence.

In fact, FD-1023 forms are primarily used when needing to record unverified information.
That being said, the information allegedly found in this FD-1023 leak is still eyebrow-raisi …

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