CNN’s Toobin: J6 Comm Toothless

Thursday on “CNN Newsroom,” network legal analyst advised that nothing can be done to anybody under the scope of the House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack who refuses to cooperate.
According to Toobin, “it’s too late for the courts” at this point.
“[I]t’s too late for the courts. It’s the middle of January,” Toobin outlined. “They haven’t even found Kevin McCarthy in contempt. They haven’t issued a subpoena, much less found him in contempt. They would have to go to the Justice Department. They would have to, you know, go to the full house, go to the Justice Department. I mean, look at Steve Bannon. Steve Bannon is the only person they have moved against for criminal contempt, and the case against him, which is now a couple of months o …

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