CNN Anchor Has No Choice But to Deliver ‘Horrible News’ for Biden On-Air

CNN’s Jake Tapper did not even try to sugarcoat the latest news from a poll that assessed President Joe Biden’s support.
“Horrible news. Horrible for Joe Biden,” Tapper said Thursday as he launched into the results of CNN’s latest poll tracking Biden’s plummeting support.
“Those are some bad numbers,” he said.

A new CNN poll shows Americans’ widespread view that Biden’s reelection would be more negative than positive for the country @DavidChalian reports
— The Lead CNN (@TheLeadCNN) May 25, 2023


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How bad? The poll said that only 33 percent of those surveyed believe Biden winning a second term would be a step forward or a triumph for the country, according to CNN.
The poll noted that 41 percent of voters said electing Biden would be a disaster, while 26 percent said it would be a setback for the nation.

Biden’s favorability dropped from 42 percent in December to 35 percent in the newest poll.
“Thirty-five percent favorable. That is remarkably low,” CNN political dir …

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