CNBC Claims Cuban Vaccine Could Save Mankind from Covid

Just when you thought the mainstream media’s partnership with Stalinist, terror-sponsoring Cuba’s propaganda ministry could not possibly get more blatant or outrageous we get this from CNBC:“Why Cuba’s extraordinary Covid vaccine success could provide the best hope for low-income countries; Cuba’s prestigious (italics mine) biotech sector has developed five different Covid vaccines to date…all of which Cuba has said provide upwards of 90 percent protection against symptomatic Covid….The tiny Communist-run Caribbean island has achieved this milestone by producing its own Covid vaccine, even as it struggles to keep supermarket shelves stocked amid a decades-old U.S. trade embargo. (italics mine.)”In fact, the U.S. has been among Stalinist Cuba’s top food suppliers for almost two decades. Nowadays the diabolical “embargo” merely mandates that (notoriously deadbeat Cuba which has stiffed every single nation and entity that has extended it credit) pay cash up front for U.S. food exports.“It is an incredible feat,” Helen Yaffe, a Cuba expert and lecturer in economic and social history at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, told CNBC via telephone,” continues the CNBC/Cuba propaganda-ministry bulletin. But the “incredible feat” refers not to Cuba’s (a former EX-porter of food with the 6th highest protein consumption in the hemisphere) inability to keep supermarket shelves stocked, instead:“Those of us who have studied …

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