Climate Activists Charged with Felony for ‘Attack on US Constitution’ at National Archives

Two climate activists who allegedly defaced a display of the U.S. Constitution at the National Archives last month in Washington, D.C., were charged with felonies this week, the Justice Department announced Friday.
Both men went viral on Feb. 14 when they dumped red powder on themselves and a display case for the document and were arrested.
The defacing of the Constitution followed a similar pattern to the actions of climate alarmists abroad who have attacked priceless works of art in recent months and years.

In the case of what the DOJ called an “attack on the Constitution,” the cleanup bill has been in excess of $50,000
According to a news release from the DOJ, Donald Zepeda, 35, of Maryland and Jackson Green, 27, of Utah, have been charged with felonies in the “stunt.”

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