Clarence Thomas: Black Communities “a Disaster”

Before there was Brett Kavanaugh, there was Clarence Thomas. For those of you not old enough to remember, the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill controversy was eerily similar to the Brett Kavanaugh saga.It was almost the same story but with a different cast: a male judge is on the verge of being confirmed to the Supreme Court when, out of the blue, a lady shows up with a bombshell accusation and no evidence to back it up. Mayhem ensues, and in both cases, the judge’s reputation is marred forever.
To this day, people still call Justice Clarence Thomas a harasser, while the term “rapist” is routinely thrown at Justice Kavanaugh. The main difference between the two cases: The ringleader of the Clarence Thomas three-ring circus was then-Senate Judiciary Chairman Joe Biden, who later famously went on to become the least-popular president in US history.
Since he was confirmed by a 52–48 Senate vote in 1991, Thomas has been somewhat of a cipher, once going a full decade without asking a question in court, and only occasionally giving speeches. Now we get to hear his thoughts in the newly released book titled “Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words,” by Michael Pack and Mark Paoletta. The book is based on a 2021 documentary by the authors, although much of the material is new. They recorded over 30 hours of interviews with Thomas, and he takes particular umbrage at the massive liberal social programs that were supposed to im …

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