China Might Have 200 J‑20 Stealth Fighters

China Increasing J‑20 Mighty Dragon Production: Though it could be up to two years before Game of Thrones fans get to see the “Dance of Dragons” unfold on HBO, back in the real world, China is doing what it can ramp up production of its “Mighty Dragon” J‑20 stealth fighter aircraft.
Beijing hasn’t disclosed the total number of Chengdu J‑20 Mighty Dragons built to date.
China’s J‑20: The Numbers
Still, current estimates suggest it may have already surpassed the number of Lockheed Martin F‑22 Raptors produced.
Recent speculation is that Chengdu has delivered upwards of 200 J‑20s, with at least four batches produced.
China military aviation researcher Andreas Rupprecht, who tracks open-source images of …

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