CDC Draws Heat for Erasing Women with ‘Pregnant People’ in Adopting Gender-Neutral Terms for Health Guidance

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has become the latest organization pushing the woke agenda over real science.
The U.K. Daily Mail reported Sunday that the CDC was under fire from critics for replacing the word “woman” with “pregnant people” as part of its recommendations promoting COVID-19 and flu vaccines.
In fact, the CDC had removed all gender-specific terms entirely, including “she,” “her,” “women” and “mother” when referring to a pregnant woman.

Flu can be wildly dangerous during pregnancy.
If you’re pregnant, CDC recommends you get a flu shot to tame symptoms if you do get sick. Studies have shown #flu shots are safe for both the pregnant person and baby.
Read more at: #FightFlu
— CDC (@CDCgov) November 8, 2023

Biden’s Push t …

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