‘Caregiver’ Wheels Strange-Looking Old Man Into Bank, Employees Soon Realize Something’s Terribly Wrong

The length to which some people have gone to fleece their elderly relatives out of their money has been truly disgusting.
And, as a recent story unfortunately revealed, those relatives don’t even have to be alive for such schemes to move forward.
According to The Washington Post, a video has gone viral of a Brazilian woman wheeling a man she identified as her uncle into a local bank on Tuesday, attempting to get him to sign for a loan worth about $3,250.

[embedded content]
The woman, identified as Érika de Souza Vieira Nunes, 42, explained that her Uncle Paulo Roberto Braga’s closed eyes and overall limpness was common. “He’s like that,” she said when asked about his pale skin.

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In the rather disturbing video, Nunes, who said she was her uncle’s caregiver, kept propping up her uncle’s head, tapping his face, and speaking to him as if nothing were evidently amiss with his bizarre behavior (or lack thereof) …

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