Can You Say Titanic?

Ok, I was somewhat optimistic before the midterm elections. Not as positive as many, but I still thought the Republicans had a good shot at winning a Senate majority, and that they would pick up 20–30 House seats. They wouldn’t be able to do much because Biden could, and would, veto any bill they passed. I didn’t figure they’d initiate any good legislation anyway, because of the McRINOs who would be Speaker of the House and Senate Majority Leader. But at least they could slow down the Democratic machine. I never thought Blake Masters or Lee Zeldin would win, but that was just me. That didn’t dampen my optimism too much.

Even after election night, I was still a bit upbeat, though disappointed there was not the predicted “red wave.” The House looked good and there was a reasonable chance to still get the Senate.Now…Can you say “Titanic”?The Senate is gone. Laxalt lost. At best, it will be 50–50, which is no good at all. Maybe a little better than 51–49 Democrat, but not much. Having Herschel Walker in the Senate would …

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