CA to Investigate Oil Companies Over Prices

The Democrats’ efforts to blame high gas prices on Vladimir Putin have gone over like a rake handle to the face this year. That means that a new villain has to be found, as long as the finger isn’t being pointed at them. California is scrambling to address the public relations fiasco as quickly as possible this month. Taking a cue from Joe Biden, the state legislature will open an investigation into… the “greedy oil companies.” While it’s almost comical to watch this play out, it’s also almost understandable. Since they can’t take responsibility for the fallout caused by their own policies, they have to find somebody to blame. So why not invoke the specter of “Big Oil” to gin up the locals against anyone but themselves? (CBS News)Gas prices in California are starting to creep down — but they still remain the highest in the nation, and state lawmakers want to know why.
Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, D‑Lakewood, announced the formation of a non-partisan committee to investigate rising gas prices in California, to be chaired by Assemblywoman Jacqui Irwin, D‑Thousand Oaks. The committee’s first hearing is expected to happen by the end of the month.
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