Caitlin Clark Blocks Former NFL Star Antonio Brown After Extremely Crude Posts

Former NFL star Antonio Brown spent part of his week posting insults, racial slurs and crude remarks about former Iowa point guard Caitlin Clark – earning him an apparent block from the women’s basketball sensation on social media.
The wideout-turned-troll shared a screenshot on the social media platform X that seemed to show Clark had decided to tune him out permanently.
WARNING: Some of the following social media posts contain racial slurs:

Cracker of the Day #CTESPN
Blocked by Cousin It 💈
— AB (@AB84) April 18, 2024

Former ESPN Lib Journalist Has Complete Meltdown Over Caitlin Clark’s Salary — ‘Another Form of Misogyny’

Brown, whose bizarre behavior in the last years of his career finally eclipsed his on-field talent, had referred to Clark as a “cracker” and made disparaging comments about her appearance and her relatively modest WNBA salary.
The 35-year-old also made several posts referencing her private parts.

He first commented about Clark online on Monday when he shared a post noting that she will earn a salary of $338,056 throughout her initial four years with the Indiana Fever, which selected her No. 1 overall Monday evening in the WNBA draft.
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