Burisma-Connected Oligarch Who Funded Zelensky’s Campaign Raided by Ukrainian Security Forces

Ukrainian security forces moved in to search the home of Ihor Kolomoiskiy, a prominent billionaire who was once called the billionaire behind the president. Prior to becoming president, Zelensky played one on tv, and that sitcom was on a network owned by Kolomoiskiy. His presidential campaign, too, relied heavily on funding from the now-raided oligarch.  Kolomoiskiy is accused of embezzlement of over $1 billion from two oil companies with which he was connected. Both companies were seized by Zelensky’s government in November under martial law. Kolomoiskiy and Zelensky were very tight during Zelensky’s presidential run, as well. “During the campaign,” the Atlantic Council reports, “Zelenskyy appointed Kolomoisky’s personal lawyer as a key adviser, traveled abroad to confer with the then-exiled Kolomoisky on multiple occasions, and benefited from the enthusiastic endorsement of Kolomoisky’s media empire. Unsurprisingly, many viewed Zelenskyy as Kolo …

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