Boxing Champion Dies Suddenly at 19, Parents Left with ‘No Answers’ on Death

A promising young boxer whom British media dubbed a “future world champion” died suddenly last week.
Jude Moore of Bristol, England, was found dead Friday, LBC reported Tuesday. No cause of death was given.
He was only 19 but was considered a strong title prospect as he had already won two national championships as a junior-level fighter and multiple regional championships.

Moore’s coach, Craig Turner, said he was “devastated” by the young man’s death.
“[A] leading light in the world has gone out,” he said, according to LBC.


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“He was an absolute star, irreplaceable. Once you met him, you would never forget him,” Turner said.
“The fact that he came from one of the most deprived wards in Great Britain to do what he did and achieved what he di …

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