Bongino Blows Biden Up Live On Air Over Insane Pic

Biden’s Ukraine trip made him a legend in the minds of his party members and the press. Breathless headlines and cable news hits proclaimed it as “courageous” and “historic.” Sure, the president was actually late to the party, having been preempted by Boris Johnson by half a year and numerous other politicians and Hollywood actors, but this was different for reasons not really articulated.

Part of that narrative of heroism was backed by the sounding of air raid sirens the moment Biden and Volydymr Zelensky took to the streets of Kyiv. It was a moment that proved the president was fearless and prepared to take on the Russian threat, so much so that he didn’t flinch in the face of a possible bombardment.

Or was it? Dan Bongino, who served in the US Secret Service, was on Fox News recently and shared the same skepticism I originally showed.


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