Body Cam Footage Captures Drunk Murderer Bragging to Police After Returning to Scene of the Crime

Police in the U.K. have released body camera footage of a convicted murderer taunting police at the scene of his crime.
Marek Hecko was sentenced to at least 26 years in prison earlier this month for killing 44-year-old Adrian Ellingford, according to the Daily Mail.
Police in Essex also released body cam footage of a visibly drunk Hecko confronting an officer outside the house where he killed Ellingford in July.

Hecko, 26, was so bold as to brag about his knowledge of the murder hours after it took place — without providing a full confession.
“I know what happened. I know the people involved,” he told the officer. “I know what happened, and you need me to know — figure it out — what happened.”


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