Blockbuster NBA Trade of Damian Lillard May Have Been Facilitated by Rules Violation by Blazers

In a blockbuster NBA trade that involved the Milwaukee Bucks, Phoenix Suns and Portland Trailblazers — why is it the Dallas Mavericks and their fans who appear to have the biggest gripe?
First, the trade itself in a nutshell:
Portland Receives: Disgruntled Suns center DeAndre Ayton, a bevy of draft picks and pick swaps (Portland executed a subsequent trade, re-routing Bucks guard Jrue Holiday to the Boston Celtics.)

Milwaukee Receives: Arguably the greatest Trailblazer in the team’s history (it’s either him or Clyde Drexler), point guard Damian Lillard.
Phoenix Receives: A handful of role players to buttress the team’s depth.


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