Billionaire rains cash on UMass-Dartmouth grads to tune of $1K each, says they must give half away

MEREDITH, N.H. — The clouds weren’t alone in making it rain on the commencement ceremony at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth last week. On stage, billionaire philanthropist Rob Hale surprised the graduating class of more than 1,000 by pointing to a nearby truck holding envelopes stuffed with cash.
Huddling under ponchos and umbrellas at the soggy ceremony, the graduates yelled and cheered, their mouths open wide, as Hale announced he was showering cash upon them. Security guards then lugged the cash-filled duffel bags onto the stage.

Hale told the students each would get $1,000. But there was a condition: They were to keep $500 and give the rest away.

Hale said the greatest joy he and his wife Karen had experience …

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