Biden’s Vape Bans Could Have Lethal Consequences

Gas prices are out-of-control, inflation isn’t abating, the stock market is crashing, and a major war is threatening global peace. But don’t worry, the Biden administration’s federal bureaucrats are focused on the real problems we face…Banning Juuls?
That’s right: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is reportedly planning to order the company Juul to completely remove its popular e‑cigarette and vaping products from the US market. Health bureaucrats say they’re doing this to combat teen use of Juuls and other vaping products. (A dubious justification).
Other vaping and e‑cigarette products would still be available. But this nanny state overreach could still backfire—to lethal effect.
1. Banning Juul Means More Lung Cancer
“By banning the most effective and popular e‑cigarette on the market, there is no doubt that the FDA’s choice will force a portion of current Juul users to go back to smoking, and an unknown number of smokers to never make the healthier switch to vaping,” the Reason Foundation’s Guy Bentley concludes.
As Bentley says, this ban would mean an untold but significant number of Americans shifting back to traditional cigarette smoking or never quitting in the first place.
This means more Americans dying of lung cancer.
Well, it’s a common misconception, but the nico …

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