Biden’s Approval Among Asians Plummets

The level of loss is astounding. When the economy is poor and some little old man can’t do the job, I guess we shouldn’t be shocked that everyone is fleeing Joe Biden and the Democrats. Is there anyone who supports this guy that isn’t woke, white, and utterly insane? Even college-educated men, who were hardcore Democrats in 2018, have drifted into the GOP camp. That D+16 advantage with that bloc alone is now R+10. Young people don’t like Biden. Black voters are drifting away. Hispanic voters are especially sour on dementia man, and now Asian Americans are saying “sayonara” to this president. CNN pointed out Biden’s Asian American voter exodus. The recall of now-ex District Attorney Chesa Boudin in San Francisco was cited as the canary in the coalmine for Democrats with this group (via CNN): One big reason Boudin went down to defeat: Asian American voters.That election result and other data reveal that Asians are still likely to vote Democratic on the whole, but the party has seen a disproportionate decline in support among this group.Let’s start with the national polling. As I mentioned a …

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The current U.S. national debt: