Biden’s Latest Senior Moment Was So Bad the White House Had to Doctor the Transcript Multiple Times

What kind of White House transgression merits the punishment of being given the Herculean task of correcting the official transcripts of President Joe Biden’s speech for official release?
Making fun of Kamala’s laugh? Biting Joe’s German shepherd back when it bites you? Heck, if we find out who’s currently editing the transcripts, we can possibly deduce whose bag of magic Colombian powder the Secret Service found in a restricted area of the White House.
The problems posed by this thankless job  — which can’t just be outsourced to artificial intelligence transcription software, given the president’s penchant for unintelligility and senile moments — presented themselves again on Monday, when no less than eight points had to be corrected with strikethroughs and bracketed corrections after a gaffe-filled Biden campaign speech Sunday n …

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