Biden Repeats Debunked Amtrak Story Again

“Fox Across America” host Jimmy Failla mocked President Biden for once again repeating a story about an Amtrak employee Monday that has been long debunked by fact-checkers. On “Fox & Friends” Tuesday, Failla criticized the media for ignoring Biden’s gaffes and warned that U.S. adversaries are watching as the president repeatedly tells falsehoods. DEMOCRATS SPLIT ON WHETHER BIDEN’S AGE MAKES HIM TOO OLD FOR WHITE HOUSE OR THE ‘TOM BRADY’ OF POLITICSJIMMY FAILLA: This is disturbing stuff… Biden’s Amtrak story, it’s like Large Marge in “Pee-wee’s Big Adventure.” Pee-wee goes in and mentions someone who had died 12 years ago. Everybody’s like, ‘”[What’s] wrong with this guy?” But in this case, he is the president of the United States. And it’s a shame on the other networks that they don’t highlight this because you know who does pay attention to this? Maybe left-wing media doesn’t, but our enemies do. People are watching our president who quits talking in the middle of a sentence because he’s done… And it’s only going to get worse. …

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