Biden Issues ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’ Proclamation 3 Days After Nashville

President Joe Biden put out a statement on Thursday touting a “Transgender Day of Visibility” mere days after a horrific tragedy befell Nashville — and utterly failed to mention the “Athens of the South” in the process.
“Transgender Day of Visibility celebrates the joy, strength, and absolute courage of some of the bravest people I know — people who have too often had to put their jobs, relationships, and lives on the line just to be their true selves,” the proclamation, penned by Biden, said. “Today, we show millions of transgender and nonbinary Americans that we see them, they belong, and they should be treated with dignity and respect.”
According to the Pew Research Center in 2022, approximately 1.6 percent of U.S. adults are recognized as transgender or nonbinary.

“Transgender Americans shape our Nation’s soul — proudly serving in the military, curing …

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