Biden Administration Denies Iran’s Request for Assistance in Wake of President’s Death

An unusual request for assistance made by Iran to the United States government wasn’t fulfilled.
The request was made after Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi went missing in a helicopter crash on Sunday in the country’s East Azerbaijan province, according to Reuters.
Raisi was found dead on Monday, according to the Associated Press.

State Department spokesman Matthew Miller revealed that the Islamist dictatorship had asked the U.S. to help them in some form in the midst of the incident, Reuters reported.
“We were asked for assistance by the Iranian government,” he said.

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Miller left the specifics of the request vague while revealing that the United States was willing to help its geopolitical adversary.

Footage from the Thermal-Imaging Camera of the Turkish Bayraktar “Akıncı” Long-Range Surveillance Drone (AKINCI07), showing a Heat Signature which is believed to be the Crash Site of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi’s Helicopter in Northwestern Iran.
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