Berkeley Requires Essay on Diversity From Applicants

The University of California, Berkeley requires candidates for employment at their Office for Faculty, Equity, and Welfare (OFEW) to provide a statement that acknowledges they have adequately contributed to “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging” (DEIB).The college provides a “rubric” that candidates can read to better understand what they must do. The OFEW asks candidates to fully explain their depth of knowledge on DEIB. Then candidates must signal that they have actively advanced DEIB principles for employment in the past and commit to do so in the future.  Finally they ask for candidates to explain their plans and schemes to institute DEIB principles on the campus and in the world.Berkeley’s OFEW “oversees and supports all academic recruitment, including the faculty search process.” On their website it states that no single employee is approved without passing through the OFEW’s scrutiny, including assurance that e …

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