As We Gather for the First Post-Dobbs Thanksgiving, Let’s Talk More About Protecting Unborn Children

This Thanksgiving, as many as half of Americans are unlikely to share at dinner what makes them most thankful this year. Of the many practices of Thanksgiving, I most enjoy the sharing during dinner of the reasons that my family, my friends, and I are thankful for our lives and the goodness we find in living them.  This ritual of humility shared by so many families and communities transcends the troubling origins of this uniquely American holiday and transforms it into an unassuming celebration that is meaningful to many, no matter their beliefs and no matter their heritage. 

Over the years, whether my family has been hosts or guests, hearing the expressions of thankfulness has filled us with the special closeness that comes from sharing honest, and often intimate, moments of reflection.  But like me, many Americans whose hearts soared with the Dobbs decision restoring the legislative power to protect the unborn will most likely not mumble a word abou …

U.S. National Debt

The current U.S. national debt: